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No longer would I wait for someone to discover me, I would discover myself.

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I knew I would fail, need to pick myself back up and continue to try. But through it all, I realized that my greatest asset was my belief in myself.

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Once I had decided to write a book, I need to plan the logistics. My days consisted of the following:. Initially, I looked at my schedule and did not see where I could make time. Sure, I could cut out my free time each day, but I kept that on my schedule in order to actually have time to talk with my wife. I became frustrated, thinking of how little time I actually had to write, learn indie publishing and teach myself marketing strategies and started to give up hope.

To solve my problem, I chose to get up early several days a week to write while using my commute to and from work to focus on research listening to podcasts, reading marketing books or industry blog posts. I found the first few weeks of writing hard. I kept trying, stopped writing when I became too frustrated or overwhelmed, but soon the habit grew on me after three weeks. To cement my new early morning writing habit, I found ways to trick myself into being motivated:.

By using simple motivational means, I started shaping my own success because I could see my word counts adding up over time. After the first few days, 1, words became 4, until eventually I wrote 83, words. No longer did I feel lost, but had a tangible means of tracking my success—success that I could share with family and friends. I wrote my first two novels and they each took me more than a year to indie publish.

What I discovered is that I had made time to write, but had not planned for brainstorming, research or just plain downtime.

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By luck, I stumbled into the sport of running. Friends of my wife and I had given us their old treadmill on hearing that we had wanted to start exercising. After I started running, I realized that I could use the time to daydream, brainstorm and let my mind wander. And I needed that time. With working full-time at my day job, I often had deadlines that blurred through after work hours and usually through lunch.

Keeping my day job work separate from writing was a challenge at times. To solve the problem, instead of forcing myself to write every day, I took a different approach. I split the early mornings throughout my week between writing and running:. My new schedule freed up not only my creativity but also gave me a chance to pump endorphins through my veins. The exercise helped me mentally as well as physically.

The last time I had run any distance I was in high school and that was more than two decades before. Making time to schedule both writing and fitness into my life opened up new opportunities for me. I realized that I had to start somewhere. Our Children's Bestsellers This Week.


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Staff Picks. Gertie's Leap to Greatness Hardcover. Kids Indie Next List. This feature require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Review us on Google! But I have been practicing, and my preparations go well. I am coming to save your friend's life and my own. When You Reach Me follows a sixth-grade protagonist, a girl named Miranda. She lives with her single mother who has a kindhearted boyfriend, Richard. Miranda's best friend Sal, whom she has known since she was a small child, had recently started ignoring Miranda after he had been punched in the stomach by another boy named Marcus.

A homeless man lives on the corner of Miranda's street. She calls him the "laughing man" for his tendency to laugh without cause. Miranda notices that he always utters the words "book bag pocket shoe. The first three notes instruct Miranda to write a letter describing the future events. The notes, whose writer claims to be coming to Miranda's time to save a life, offer three signs of the truth of the messages. As the plot develops, the proofs come true, and Miranda is intrigued.

Miranda and her new friends, Annemarie and Colin find a sandwich shop on the corner, wondering if they can get a job there. The owner, Jimmy, agrees, but he does not wish to pay them with money; instead he gives them a free pop and a sandwich each day. Miranda, Annemarie, and Colin discover a Fred Flintstone bank in the back of sandwich shop. Colin, wanting to see more of the bank, is pulled way by Annemarie insisting that Jimmy could find them. The next day, Jimmy fires the three workers, thinking that one of them stole the Flintstone bank, when the laughing man actually stole it.

The workers write a card, give it to Jimmy and insist that they did not steal the bank. Jimmy believes them and again lets them work at the sandwich shop. He then tells them that he figured out who stole the bank. He thinks that it is Julia, a classmate in their class, and a best friend to Annemarie. He thinks she did it because she is African American. This upsets Annemarie greatly and she immediately quits her job. At school, Julia starts shouting at Miranda for letting Annemarie drink soda and eat sandwiches, saying that because Annemarie is epileptic she has to eat a special diet.

Miranda explains that she didn't know that. Colin is later hanging out with Sal. Colin then asks Miranda if she wants to hang out. Miranda declines, saying that her mom is sick. Later on, someone taps on her door which scares her because she doesn't know anyone that knocks like that. She looks though the peep hole and sees Colin.

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She opens the door and he looks at her then kisses her. She then kisses him back. Colin smiles and then runs off. In a later scene, Marcus encounters Sal. Marcus wants to apologize for his misbehavior, and chases Sal when he flees. Sal runs onto a street right ahead of an oncoming truck.

Before the truck can hit Sal, the laughing man kicks Sal out of the way, sacrificing his own life for Sal's. Miranda finds the fourth note in Richard's shoe and learns that the laughing man came from the future to save Sal's life. The note asks Miranda to prepare a chronicle of recent events and deliver it by hand, but she does not know who to give it to.

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In hopes of winning the money and having a better life, Miranda and her mom's boyfriend Richard prep her for the show. Miranda and Sal are friends again. While her mother is on-stage, Miranda reminisces about a conversation with Marcus about how no one would recognize a time-traveler from a different age. She suddenly realizes that the laughing man is an older incarnation of Marcus, who has come from the future to save Sal's life.

He needed to deliver the notes to the young Marcus through Miranda. Later on Miranda goes to the mailbox the laughing man Marcus slept under, where she finds a picture of an older version of Julia smiling happily. The novel ends as Miranda reflects on the events in an epilogue. When You Reach Me is classified in the science fiction and mystery genres, but includes features of some other genres.

Monica Edinger of The New York Times found When You Reach Me to be "a hybrid of genres, it is a complex mystery, a work of historical fiction, a school story and one of friendship, with a leitmotif of time travel running through it. Time travel?