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Our team is trained to make moving as stressfree as possible for you. Each component station had thrusters and Chancellor Jaha came up with the idea to use the thrusters to make most of the Ark itself a large "dropship". The Ark was constructed by merging 12 national space stations , three of which have been named. Mir-3 was launched years ago , and salvaged in Shenzhen formed part of Arrow Station, as shown in the episode Spacewalker when in the flashback it shows Chinese writing.

One of the metal box components on Government and Science Station has a U. The airlock that was going to be used for Abigail Griffin's execution in Pilot had Chinese characters over the door, indicating that the airlock was originally part of Shenzhen.

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This was the same airlock used for Jake Griffin's execution, although whether or not it is the same one used for all executions is unknown. The words "Solid Waste Disposal" were written beneath the characters in English although it is unknown whether they were part of Shenzhen's original design or if they were added later.

During its 95 years of operation, the Ark had roughly between and 2, residents. As of the season four finale, the population of the Go-Sci Ring is seven after the survivors from Becca's Island were forced back into space by Praimfaya. They lived on the Ring for six years and seven days until the survivors left the Ring to go to Eligius IV to find fuel to get down to Earth. In this section, the Ark is referred to as the Ark being up in space as a whole.

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This does not include separate stations of the space station as seen in Season Two. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Then one day, Mir floated by Shenzhen , and they realized life would be better together.

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The other stations saw this, and they wanted to be together, too. Contents [ show ]. Space stations of the Ark on its first Unity Day, view from Polaris. Alpha-Station missile launchers Polaris, destruction by Alpha Station missile.

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The Ark logo, 12 stars for the 12 national stations. On the show itself, Go-Sci was first heard in the season finale, which also shows it as "Go-Sci" on a display panel when Thelonious Jaha first hears confirmation that Mecha Station survived landing on Earth.

Before the Nuclear Apocalypse, which type of people were selected to go up into space? Actually, Jason Rothenberg said that there were several on Earth that went into space just as it happened. The Nuclear Apocalypse was pretty sudden, so 'the grounders' on I would say that the firearms were manufactured after Unity Day, maybe due to famine and riot, something we know happened on the Ark with Categories :. Cancel Save. Long ago when the Earth was on fire, 12 stations floated through space all alone.

When all the stations were joined, they called themselves… The Ark. Twilight's Last Gleaming. Contents Under Pressure. We Are Grounders Part 1.


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We Are Grounders Part 2. Survival of the Fittest. Blood Must Have Blood Part 1. Blood Must Have Blood Part 2. Perverse Instantiation Part 1. Perverse Instantiation Part 2. The Children of Gabriel. The Face Behind the Glass. The Gospel of Josephine. The Old Man and the Anomaly. What You Take With You. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. How can I move all my dinos and inventory over to Ark on my new phone By Mgsgfeefsfegegdhegrg , October 22 in General.

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Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted October How can I move all my dinos and inventory over to Ark on my new phone How do i transfer my game play over to my new phone? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Join the conversation You can post now and register later.