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During a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump pressured him to launch an investigation into former vice president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, over unsubstantiated allegations of corruption. Then reports of the call — and the disclosure of a whistleblower complaint filed against the president — spurred Democrats to initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump that could lead to his removal from office.

But that certainly was not the first debunked or unverified conspiracy theory Trump has floated and encouraged during his time in the political spotlight. Throughout his presidency, on the campaign trail, and even in the years prior, Trump has floated theories fueled by the conspiratorial-minded corners of supermarket tabloids and the darkest corners of the internet. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten.

This carbon-negative vodka is made from captured CO2

An international study by Pew's Global Attitudes Project, conducted five months after he took office, asked people whether they were confident Obama would "do the right thing in world affairs". Even though there was already plenty of evidence that Obama was continuing many of Bush's core international policies albeit with a far less arrogant style , the vast majority said they approved of Obama — in Jordan and Egypt, a fourfold increase from the Bush era.

In Europe the change in attitude could give you whiplash: The poll was proof that "Obama's presidency essentially erased the battering the US's image took during eight years of the Bush administration," according to USA Today. Axelrod put it like this: That was certainly true, and had very real consequences. Obama's election and the world's corresponding love affair with his rebranded America came at a crucial time. In the two months before the election, the financial crisis rocking world markets was being rightly blamed not just on the contagion of Wall Street's bad bets but on the entire economic model of deregulation and privatisation that had been preached from US-dominated institutions such as the IMF and the WTO.

Remarks by President Trump at Turning Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit 12222

If the United States were led by someone who didn't happen to be a global superstar, US prestige would have continued to plummet and the rage at the economic model at the heart of the global meltdown would likely have turned into sustained demands for new rules to rein in and seriously tax speculative finance. Those rules were supposed to have been on the agenda when G20 leaders met at the height of the economic crisis in London in April Instead, the press focused on excited sightings of the fashionable Obama couple, while world leaders agreed to revive the ailing IMF — a chief culprit in this mess — with up to a trillion dollars in new financing.

In short, Obama didn't just rebrand America, he resuscitated the neoliberal economic project when it was at death's door.

No one but Obama, wrongly perceived as a new FDR, could have pulled it off. Yet rereading No Logo after 10 years provides many reminders that success in branding can be fleeting, and that nothing is more fleeting than the quality of being cool. Many of the superbrands and branded celebrities that looked untouchable not so long ago have either faded or are in deep crisis today.

The Obama brand could well suffer a similar fate.

The Brand Called Obama

Of course many people supported Obama for straightforward strategic reasons: But what will happen when the throngs of Obama faithful realise that they gave their hearts not to a movement that shared their deepest values but to a devoutly corporatist political party, one that puts the profits of drug companies before the need for affordable health care, and Wall Street's addiction to financial bubbles before the needs of millions of people whose homes and jobs could have been saved with a better bailout?

The risk — and it is real — is that the response will be waves of bitter cynicism, particularly among the young people for whom the Obama campaign was their first taste of politics. Most won't switch parties, they'll just do what young people used to do during elections: Another, more hopeful possibility is that Obamamania will end up being what the US president's advisers like to call "a teachable moment".

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Obama is a gifted politician with a deep intelligence and a greater inclination towards social justice than any leader of his party in recent memory. If he cannot change the system in order to keep his election promises, it's because the system itself is utterly broken. It was a conversation about changing the system that many of us were having in the brief period between the anti-WTO protests in Seattle in November and the beginning of the so-called war on terror.

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For the movement the media insisted on calling "anti-globalisation," it mattered little which political party happened to be in power in our respective countries. Looking back, what I liked most was the unapologetic wonkery of it all. In the two years after No Logo came out, I went to dozens of teach-ins and conferences, some of them attended by thousands of people, that were exclusively devoted to popular education about the inner workings of global finance and trade.

It was as if people understood, all at once, that gathering this knowledge was crucial to the survival not just of democracy but of the planet. Yes, this was complicated, but we embraced that complexity because we were finally looking at systems, not just symbols. In some parts of the world, particularly Latin America, that wave of resistance spread and strengthened. In some countries, social movements grew strong enough to join with political parties, winning national elections and beginning to forge a new regional fair-trade regime.

But elsewhere, September 11 pretty much blasted the movement out of existence. If there was ever a time to remember the lessons we learned at the turn of the millennium, it is now. One benefit of the international failure to regulate the financial sector, even after its catastrophic collapse, is that the economic model that dominates around the world has revealed itself not as "free market" but "crony capitalist" — politicians handing over public wealth to private players in exchange for political support.

Why Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history

Here are the 9 golden rules of his social media marketing strategy: Your first tweet is arguably the most important tweet you will ever send. With thousand sent every minute, dull posts will spontaneously combust as soon as they enter the Twittersphere. Mentions are gold in the world of social media. The more mentions you get, it means that more people are talking about you.

You gotta build relationships, and interact with almost everyone who tweets at you. How Barack Obama sold himself to America and what you can learn from this.