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extracts from approximately works of fiction where medical doctors appear as major or minor characters. . turns out to have acquired his clinical skills as an army medical assistant. Peddlers of The erotic charge of the medical priesthood. .. Fictional surgeons are impatient, irascible and aggressive. These traits.

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I would have expected any linguist worth her salt to look very long and carefully at the syntax differences in overall sentence structure involved, before making a blind leap from numbers to significance. She did not. Syntax matters. I did it not him. That is, like a sore thumb. What those gloating over Japanese subtlety fail to realize is that they are not really comparing Japanese and English.

Had this monster been confined to the narrow reaches of the academic mind, it would probably have been put to sleep long ago; but such is not the case. The monster predates the professors, and is very much alive outside of academia, for it is, to be sure, the image of English held by most Japanese and confirmed by what is called chokuyaku , or direct translation. Until it is slain, the Japanese can not help but be prejudiced with respect to the basic humanity of Western people.

This chapter shows how Occidentalism mostly unfavorable stereotypes about the Occidental is automatically created by poor translations from English into Japanese based on a misunderstanding about the respective nature of our pronouns. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most ecological of all?


Japanese. A Comprehensive Grammar [2nd ed.]

And, like Nishida, he believed the best chance lay in Buddhism, which was, after all, originally an imported religion bearing the requisite stamp of universality — as opposed to inherently Japanese philosophy such as neo-Shintoism and national organicism kokutaishugi being pushed by the government of the time.

Commandments Compared. There is no contesting the blood in the Bible. If Mark Twain were here today, he would certainly compare it to a spaghetti Western or samurai drama. But, the Commandments are open to other interpretations. The first four concern the relationship of man to diety and child to parent.

Follow the first four, and the rest follow naturally. This was the first part of 1 of 3 appended items. This is part of the second appendix, 16 Ways to Make a Difference , or, how we exaggerate our differences and fail to properly find our similarity. I think it would be a very useful classroom tool. Comparing incommensurables — Apples and pears. Mayor Daley? Claims reflecting personal bias — E. Research shows, however, the decision process was, in reality, not all that different.

Simplification — Christianity is said to separate man from the rest of nature, while Buddhism does not. Because html will open up lines it may look horrendous, but i have no time to shrink them all up -- for it would take hours! Abbey, Edward Bateson, Gregory , , , Befu Harumi 49, Benedict, Ruth 14, 19, 74, Blyth , , Bloom, Harold Boxer, C. Buruma, Ian 55, 56, Carrier, James 8, Chen Xiaomei Clark, Gregory Clarke, J. Clinton, President Coe, David Allen Creighton, Millie R.

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Crump, J. Denver, John Dillard, Annie Doi Takeo 75,,, Dowd, Maureen Dostoevsky Dubos, Rene Ehrlich, Gretel Farb, Peter 30, 47, Fornell, Jan 9.

BLACKPINK - 'FOREVER YOUNG' (JAPANESE VER.) Lyrics [Color Coded_Kan_Rom_Eng]

Frank, Anne Frois, Luis 18, 30, 47, ,, Fujino, Diane Gershwin Godwin, Joscelyn Goodman, David , Gurga, Lee Hall, Edward Hall, Tom T. Hammond, Phil 12, 17, Hannas, William C. Hasegawa, Nyozekan Heidegger Harris, Frank Headland, I. Hearn, Lafcadio , , Hippocrates Hon Sajun Hudson, W.


Hughes, Langston Humbolt, Alexander Hurston, Zora Neale Hutton, Betham Jay, Ricky Jefferies Kahill, Thomas Kataoka Shinobu , Kitajima Saburo Krownhauser, John A. Lee Pres. Lee, Oh Young 48, 52, 54, 67, , , Levi-Strausse Lightning Hopkins Lopez, Barry MacKenzie, John McCormack, Gavan McNeil, William H. Mikes, George Moore, Charles E. Morita of Sony 13, According to a user on MetaFilter : According to a friend who runs a small record label that occasionally does business in Japan: it's because it is invariably cheaper for Japanese buyers to import CDs rather than purchase them in their local record store.

Tetsujin Tetsujin 5, 1 1 gold badge 6 6 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. This doesn't answer the question at all.

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You're talking about bootlegs, OP is asking about bonus tracks. It still remains speculation, and doesn't answer the question: why would they do this, considering it would involve extra effort and extra costs. I think you're being picky.

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Either alone doesn't fully explain it. For a pure marketing explanation, these tracks have to come from somewhere. Because bands submit them. I've read plenty of anecdotes from bands where they deliberately record songs for B-Sides and Japanese bonus tracks. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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