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The Institute is using this competition to increase the numbers and the scale of critical peacebuilding initiatives that are led by, and focused on, youth.

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Youth-led peacebuilding work is critical among the 1. Long considered an intractable conflict, Abiy brought new life to a peace process that had been stalled for the better part of two decades.

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Peace Processes ; Reconciliation. This year, 20 Ph.

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Gender ; Peace Processes ; Religion. News headlines in recent months report attacks on places of worship in lands as disparate as Northern Ireland, Syria and Ethiopia. Governments and civil society organizations have expressed rising concern over violence and government restrictions against religion—a concern that was visible in July when nearly 1, people gathered at a State Department conference to advance religious freedom.

At that conference, some discussions offered a useful idea: that activists and governments might better protect religious freedom by borrowing tactics from specialists in conflict resolution. Type: Peaceworks.


With 84 percent of people worldwide identifying with a faith tradition, religion influences local, national, and international decision-making. Across the globe, violent extremism often is couched in religious terms, and religious discrimination is on the rise. At the same time, people of faith and religious organizations frequently are on the frontlines of peace efforts, assisting communities affected by violence.

Although religious considerations have been marginal to peace efforts historically, governments and peacebuilding organizations increasingly recognize the importance of religion. Type: Factsheet. We provide analysis, education, and resources to those working for peace around the world.

We provide analysis, education, and resources to those working for peace around the world.

View the discussion thread. Related Publications As Libya struggles to end an armed conflict that has only widened this year, it should turn to a hidden resource: the traditional peacemaking roles of its women.

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While talks go on, the Trump administration has shied away from placing sanctions on Chinese officials involved in the detention of 1 million or more ethnic Uighurs and other minority Muslims in the northwest region of Xinjiang. Brownback said some sanctions have been placed on the manufacturers of equipment used to surveil religious minorities, and the United States frequently raises its concerns publicly.

Religious Freedom Report

Iranian Christians and other religious minorities are among those who have lost opportunities to emigrate to the United States as part of deep cuts in refugee admissions from Iran. Brownback said the criteria for religious minorities getting preference as refugees changed during the Obama administration, and it is time for the policy to be reviewed.

Foreign Press Center Briefing on International Religious Freedom

The religious freedom report lists detailed accounts of religious minorities in countries around the world who were subjected to "death, forced disappearances, and organ harvesting in prison because of their religious beliefs or affiliation. Pompeo has spoken forcefully against the treatment of Uighur Muslims sent to what he has called "reeducation camps. After Pompeo met with four Uighurs in March to discuss human rights abuses, the aunt and uncle of one of them, a U.

The report said Chinese Christians also have been increasingly oppressed, with authorities closing churches, burning Bibles and ordering believers to renounce their faith. The chapter on Iran accuses the government of meting out harsh punishments to those who are not Shiite Muslims.

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