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extracts from approximately works of fiction where medical doctors appear as major or minor characters. . turns out to have acquired his clinical skills as an army medical assistant. Peddlers of The erotic charge of the medical priesthood. .. Fictional surgeons are impatient, irascible and aggressive. These traits.

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Artur R. Dudley Smith. Corneel Goethals. Walter Jack Lanham. Steve Giggabytez.

Tom Coles. El Dam.

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L Rooijers. Joseph O'Keefe. Purchasable with gift card. Gorgeous 15 track 2x12" LP edition of Kaleidoscope. Textures A3. What You See A4.


Coming Home B1. Lean B2. Live And Learn feat. DRS B3. Norf Freestyle B4. Say You Don't C1. No Love feat. Fox C2. Girls C3. Origami C4. Like I Do Excursions D1. Multiple reflection by two or more reflecting surfaces has been known since antiquity and was described as such by Giambattista della Porta in his Magia Naturalis — Bradley's New Improvements in Planting and Gardening described a similar construction to be placed on geometrical drawings to show an image with multiplied reflection.

However, an optimal configuration that produces the full effects of the kaleidoscope was not recorded before In Sir David Brewster conducted experiments on light polarization by successive reflections between plates of glass and first noted "the circular arrangement of the images of a candle round a center, and the multiplication of the sectors formed by the extremities of the plates of glass". He forgot about it, but noticed a more impressive version of the effect during further experiments in February A while later he was impressed by the multiplied reflection of a bit of cement that was pressed through at the end of a triangular glass trough, which appeared more regular and almost perfectly symmetrical in comparison to the reflected objects that had been situated further away from the reflecting plates in earlier experiments.

This triggered more experiments to find the conditions for the most beautiful and symmetrically perfect conditions. An early version had pieces of colored glass and other irregular objects fixed permanently and was admired by some Members of the Royal Society of Edinburgh , including Sir George Mackenzie who predicted its popularity.

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A version followed in which some of the objects and pieces of glass could move when the tube was rotated. The last step, regarded as most important by Brewster, was to place the reflecting panes in a draw tube with a concave lens to distinctly introduce surrounding objects into the reflected pattern. Brewster thought his instrument to be of great value in "all the ornamental arts" as a device that creates an "infinity of patterns". Artists could accurately delineate the produced figures of the kaleidoscope by means of the solar microscope a type of camera obscura device , magic lantern or camera lucida.

Brewster believed it would at the same time become a popular instrument "for the purposes of rational amusement". He decided to apply for a patent. Soon the instrument was copied and marketed before the manufacturer had prepared any number of kaleidoscopes for sale. An estimated two hundred thousand kaleidoscopes sold in London and Paris in just three months. Brewster figured at most a thousand of these were authorized copies that were constructed correctly, while the majority of the others did not give a correct impression of his invention.

Because so relatively few people had experienced a proper kaleidoscope or knew how to apply it to ornamental arts, he decided to publicize a treatise on the principles and the correct construction of the kaleidoscope.

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It was thought that the patent was reduced in a Court of Law since its principles were supposedly already known. Brewster stated that the kaleidoscope was different because the particular positions of the object and of the eye, played a very important role in producing the beautiful symmetrical forms.

Brewster's opinion was shared by several scientists, including James Watt. Philip Carpenter originally tried to produce his own imitation of the kaleidoscope, but was not satisfied with the results. He decided to offer his services to Brewster as manufacturer.

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