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extracts from approximately works of fiction where medical doctors appear as major or minor characters. . turns out to have acquired his clinical skills as an army medical assistant. Peddlers of The erotic charge of the medical priesthood. .. Fictional surgeons are impatient, irascible and aggressive. These traits.

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He signed his name in several extant documents as Dyrck Hartoochz. In Australian history, however, he has become known as Dirk Hartog. By Hartog had engaged on voyages to various European ports as the owner and skipper of a small trading vessel, the Dolphyn Dolphin. It sailed from Texel on 23 January, carrying ten money chests containing 80, reals pieces-of-eight , valued at about , guilders.

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The weather was bitterly cold and immediately before sailing twenty-one crewmembers and eight soldiers deserted by walking ashore over sea ice. Longitude could then be estimated only very approximately, however, and it was inevitable that a V. Hartog was the first to do so.

On 25 October members of the Eendracht 's crew landed at the north end of what is now known as Cape Inscription on Dirk Hartog Island. They left a record of their visit inscribed on a flattened pewter plate, nailed to an oak post and placed upright in a fissure on the cliff top.

Life on a Plate: The Autobiography

The inscription on the plate may be translated as: , 25 October, is here arrived the ship the Eendracht of Amsterdam, the upper-merchant Gillis Miebais of Liege, skipper Dirck Hatichs of Amsterdam; the 27th ditto set sail again for Bantam, the under-merchant Jan Stins, the uppersteersman Pieter Dookes van Bill, Anno On 14 December the Eendracht reached Macassar Ujung Pandang , where a confrontation with local inhabitants resulted in the deaths of fifteen of its men. Hartog then visited other trading centres in the East Indies, delivering chests of money.

Philip K. Dick lived most of his life in California. He was born in in Chicago. In his career PKD wrote 36 novels and five short story collections between and when he died in Santa Ana, California. A Scanner Darkly was dedicated to many of his friends who died or suffered damage from drug abuse including himself. The first person narration of Radio Free Albemuth is written from the perspective of a young science fiction writer named Philip who lives in Berkeley. These include his distrust for government and authority, his life as a professional writer and even cosmic visions he is said to have experienced.

The death of his twin sister 41 days after their birth is the first of many scars Dick would face. He would be involved in a string of bad marriages and was addicted to drugs. He was writing stories for science fiction magazines and developing his own unique style that was different than the other sci-fi writers of the time. His first published novel was Solar Lottery in The profound experience Dick refers to as becomes a turning in his career and emotional stability.

This event which is fictionalized in The Valis Trilogy is a series of contacts Dick claims to have had with a force beyond Earth. Called Zebra, at first then Valis , these contacts would leave Dick speculating until his death in Dick has been given many labels over the years and as his work has become more known since his death. The genre of science fiction was used as an outlet to break unfamiliar ground.

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His work is very experimental and questions the basis of our own existence. His own emotional and psychological states play a major role in the tone of his work throughout the years.

His attempts to demonstrate the ever-expanding potential of the universe are personal journeys into his own realities. The last chapter deals with her new love, and she waxes poetic about how he is her soul mate, she finally found her happiness, etc. Good for her.

View all 5 comments. Library Overdrive Audiobook This book was a great discovery. I literally found it by accident—I started listening with zero expectations. Happy and I look forward to reading more books by a Kate Christensen. Oct 15, Holly rated it liked it Shelves: reads. I didn't completely hate this, but there were three problems for me. In no particular order: [1] Though Christensen's novels are creative and witty and have a distinctive voice, the writing in this book was only functional. Sentence-level uninteresting, too.

As if writing about herself led her to over-edit and deplete her own style. Even though she covers a lot of material, the writing is formulaic, like litanies of what happened each year. But that's too many incidents crammed in - as if she's I didn't completely hate this, but there were three problems for me. But that's too many incidents crammed in - as if she's trying to write an "autobiography," not a memoir. For what it's worth if one wants to compare it to other recent popular memoirs by female authors who also write fiction, Cheryl Strayed is a more compassionate voice and a more self-deprecating memoirist; Elizabeth Gilbert is more honest, funnier, and more insightful; and Lidia Yuknavitch is more experimental in style and absolutely fearless in depicting her problems and faults.

I wasn't necessarily looking for a foodie memoir, but it's kind of false advertising. The recipes thrown in after random chapters added nada, and sometimes seemed absurd. And what's with the extreme gluten intolerance except when visiting Italy? I don't think you can just make an temporary exception to eat pasta and bread for duration of your vacation. False false. View all 4 comments. Apr 14, Kasia rated it it was amazing. I passed the simple yet creative cover at a bookstore and then traced back, took a peak and decided to read it.

I was mesmerized by the language, the wording and the complex imagination and the cover that stopped me was of a simple paint brush, I do art and design for a living so it called me with its elegant simplicity.

Perhaps the most important of all, I walked away with a curiosity of what a Sancerre, which was drank in the book under grape wines on a hot day in the garden during a very special scene, I wondered how it really tasted in comparison to a fruity, dry Pinot Grigio which I would normally think as sophisticated. I have always loved food and I have always loved books but this was the first time I have witnessed characters in a book eat and drink, and I really do mean eat.

As years passed and I read more of her work, I noticed that in all her novels the characters and plots intertwined with brilliant literary intensity but food always made its way around and it sparked a hunger in me that no other writing has ever done. I was not aware of M. Suddenly I could see reflections of her struggles, her own life and ideas in the books.

With Blue Plate Special, finally after all this time I had an extra sense of appreciation of what went into making them and I got a glimpse of the engineer herself. I find it ironic that so many people out there are outraged at this book; perhaps they were expecting a cookbook and not a memoir from someone who can handle fiction so well.

In The Blue Plate Special, the author holds back very little as she narrates her incredible childhood and quite an adventurous life that took her to other continents and finally her place in the world today. She writes freely and openly, only Christensen would mention that champagne tastes like an apple cut with a steel knife and how she had to eat what the character was eating as she read from an early age, she knows what makes for great reading and this is no exception.

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Her life on a plate, comforts and the cleanups, the whole meal is here and I feel humbled and appreciative that I got to get a glimpse into the private world of a great mind. The behind the scenes on her life and what was going on as she was working on novels that are now some of my favorite reads is priceless.

View all 7 comments. Jul 28, Margaret rated it liked it Shelves: memoire-biography. Writing quality: 5 stars. That's the easy part. The hard part is basically thus: You can't really "review" this sort of navel-gazing memoire without basically rating someone's life, and that's just plain uncomfortable, at least to me. I can now definitely assert that I much more enjoy memoires when they involve an historically significant event or period, or are put in a larger context of some greater social or historical upheaval.

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See, for example, Madeline Albright's memoires. This memoire, Writing quality: 5 stars. In essence, the author pulled out what must have been her 's of journals going back to when she could first write and then wrote a memoire based on the journals. As such, we reel from one "I did this shitty thing" to "I did this other shitty thing," and from "this shitty thing was inflicted upon me" to "that shitty thing also happened to me. And so I averaged: 3 stars. Jun 17, Julie Ehlers rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir-and-autobiography , food-and-drink. Blue Plate Special isn't really a food memoir.

Sure, it's got food in it, and even some recipes.

Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography of My Appetites

But looking back at it two months after finishing, what I really remember is Kate Christensen's courageous portrayal of her struggles to become a writer and a fully functioning adult. She's eloquent and honest, and the book is as good at places as it is at food. With its vivid descriptions of the various towns and cities where she's lived, Blue Plate Special could have been a travel memoir just as Blue Plate Special isn't really a food memoir. With its vivid descriptions of the various towns and cities where she's lived, Blue Plate Special could have been a travel memoir just as easily as a food memoir.

Either way, it was immensely satisfying for the likes of me. I'm looking forward to her follow-up memoir, How to Cook a Moose --although it seems like that one really is about food. View 2 comments. Oct 25, Darlene rated it liked it Shelves: memoir.