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A new Oracle Phoebe is introduced in this series. Phoebe and her friends intervene in the lives of historical and fictional characters.

Are things different after the interventions? You'll just have to read the books to find out! The book is available here from Amazon. Phoebe, the third to hold the Seat of Prophecy at the Temple of Delphi, and lately the Oracle of Caral, Peru, has been given a mission--to find the missing Medallion of Gaia. The Medallion has been reported to be in the vicinity of San Franciso in Her adventures include: A well-known detective; and Indian motorcycle; Cadillac hearses; a Jazz club; the planet Saturn; androids; comets; asteroids; planes; and ultimately a hearing room in Washington, D.

ISBN 13: 9781468185713

Will Phoebe find the Medallion? You'll find out as the book races to a startling conclusion.

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You can purchase the book in Kindle or paperback here from Amazon. In a modern tongue-in-cheek Mark Twain-like humorous style, PanOrpheus brings his characters, The Delphic Oracles, Pythagoras and others in their intervention team into the modern world, to the future, and back to ancient times You'll meet Phoebe, the Oracle in 'Peruvian Soup'. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?

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Ask it above. So you think that you know all about Egypt ca. Well be prepared for some surprises! Get ready for The Spirits of the Delphic Oracles rock!

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  • Get ready for some Steampunk and Dieselpunk action, lots of laughter and fun as PanOrpheus takes us on a ride that shows his modern Mark Twain-like sense of humor and knowledge of history. The final moments are Electric!

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    • Phoebe (The Delphic Oracle) and The Medallion of Gaia.
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