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extracts from approximately works of fiction where medical doctors appear as major or minor characters. . turns out to have acquired his clinical skills as an army medical assistant. Peddlers of The erotic charge of the medical priesthood. .. Fictional surgeons are impatient, irascible and aggressive. These traits.

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Rupert converted some of the apartments at Windsor Castle to a luxury laboratory, complete with forges , instruments and raw materials, from where he conducted a range of experiments. Rupert had already become the third founding member of the scientific Royal Society, being referred to by contemporaries as a "philosophic warrior", [] and guided the Society as a Councillor during its early years.

Many of Rupert's inventions were military.

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After designing the Rupertinoe naval gun, Rupert erected a water-mill on Hackney Marshes for a revolutionary method of boring guns, however his secret died with him, and the enterprise failed. Other parts of Rupert's scientific work lay in the field of metallurgy. Rupert invented a new brass alloy, slightly darker in hue than regular brass [] involving three parts of copper to one part of zinc, combined with charcoal; [] this became known as " Prince's metal " in his honour—sometimes also referred to as "Bristol Brass".

Towards the end of his life Rupert fell in love with an attractive Drury Lane actress named Peg Hughes. Rupert became involved with her during the late s, leaving his previous mistress, Frances Bard, although Hughes appears to have held out from reciprocating his attentions with the aim of negotiating a suitable settlement. Despite being encouraged to do so, [] Rupert did not marry Hughes, but acknowledged their daughter, Ruperta later Howe , born in Rupert died at his house in Spring Gardens, Westminster, on 29 November after a bout of pleurisy , and was buried in the crypt of Westminster Abbey on 6 December in a state funeral.

Rupert's son, Dudley Bard, became a military officer, frequently known as "Captain Rupert", and died fighting at the Siege of Budapest while in his late teens. This article does not contain any citations or references. Please improve this article by adding a reference.

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Contents [ show ]. Pathfinders and passageways: The exploration of Canada.

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Library and Archives Canada. Archived from the original on 5 February Retrieved 1 May Categories :. Cancel Save. Louis VI, Elector Palatine. Marie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach. Frederick IV, Elector Palatine. Philip I of Hesse. William I, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg. William I, Prince of Orange 'the Silent'. I raise horses and chickens, and I plan to get a milk goat. Most of the weddings I've been to have taken place in barns, hay sheds and horse pastures.

I live in the modern west, so it's not big a jump that my characters live in the old west. I don't think there is anywhere more beautiful in the world. I love the sky here, and the mountains, the rivers … I wouldn't trade my little corner of the west for anything. Rose is a very smart and determined individual. She has been working as a bank teller, planning to make off with the gold - until a trio of bank robbers beat her to it. Rose doesn't give up that easily, so she tracks down the men and offers up herself as a distraction, waiting for her chance to get at the gold.

As back up plans go, it's a good one, but what she doesn't count on is Tucker. The leader of the robbers, Tucker discovers that there is more to the little bank teller than meets the eye, and he isn't letting the gold - or Rose - go without a fight. Nell: The matter is being dealt with and reparation will be made. Me: I hope none of you are turning bad. Me: I see. Me: Do we know what the plan is?


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Nell: That is not the point. Me: What are you two looking for? Nell: Even while swimming one must stay alert.

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The Black Claw could be anywhere. Nell: Reports have come in from trusted friends of animals behaving badly. Me: Oh dear. Me: How shocking. Nell: Fortunately she called our Helpline and spoke to our Chief Advisor who was able to help. Me: We have a Helpline? Me: Who is the Chief Advisor?

Anthony Hope

There is no point in phoning him. Nell: The answer is obvious. Me: It is? Me: And a lovely telephone voice. Just what is needed. Me: Do you know I wondered why he was walking around with headphones talking to himself. Me: They would be. He is safely involved. Me: So what happens next? I heard Sally is on her way from London. She is meeting with the surveillance team on the ground. Me: Gladys and Alejandro? Henry and Horst. Do keep up. Nell: Did you want something? Only Poppy and I have a few things to discuss. Me: Tell me about Knitwear Wolf. Why did Charlie invite him to the meeting?


Nell: Knitwear Wolf is not who he seems. Me: Is he a jackal? Nell: A jackal? Where on earth did that come from? Me: A big bad wolf? Nell: No, an undercover wolf. Me: In a cardigan? Me: Does it? Me: Why is he undercover? Me: I hope we all are, in our own way. Generally Optimistic and Obedient Animals. A division of the United Animals.

Me: They wear bandanas. Me: The Bad Animal Division? The one Naughty Nigel tried to infiltrate? Me: I thought he was dead. He is an international spy. Me: Of course he is. Prince Rupert. Silly me. Nell: Anyway, Rupert agreed and came here disguised as Knitwear Wolf. Me: But why did he choose our family as his gang of thieves? Nell: Every Prince needs a Princess. Me: Wait. The flowers.