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extracts from approximately works of fiction where medical doctors appear as major or minor characters. . turns out to have acquired his clinical skills as an army medical assistant. Peddlers of The erotic charge of the medical priesthood. .. Fictional surgeons are impatient, irascible and aggressive. These traits.

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The story of this ballet is about three young men making love to each other. I began to understand life when I was 22 years old. I composed this ballet alone, too. Debussy, the well-known composer, wanted the subject to be written down. Diaghelev likes to say that he created the ballet, because he likes to be praised.

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The Faune is me and Jeux is the life which Diaghelev dreamed. Diaghelev wanted to make love to two boys at the same time and wanted these boys to make love to him. In the ballet, the two girls represent the two boys, and the young man is Diaghelev. I changed the characters, as love between three men could not be represented on the stage. Apres-midi d'un Faun was a masterpiece and triumph, but after that diaghylev had him hop across stage in the most ridiculous effiminate costumes.

It could only go wrong, so sad, comparable to Joey deStefano's tragic pornstar carreer and movies like Boogynights and Velvet Goldmine. You ask why all this attention for this guy? Only because I come from a dance background and I've never been able to grasp what was the spell this guy had over his audience. Reading only did not get me any wiser, laaking at all these photo's , posters, drawings I think I finally get an idea. About the statue: there is only a ceramic version. Again Diaghilev got impatient or jealous and found the modeling took too much time and pulled Nijinsky off the project.

Also Scandinavia deserves attention in our history. In his first period he painted nightscapes and dawns around Stockholm.

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Prone to depression, he charted a strange career, haunted by night, desire and death. That is untill he came out to being homosexual. A friend art critic reviewed the radical artist and describes how Jansson had explained to him how his innermost wish since youth had been to be able to paint the male nude, but it was only since his economic position had improved that he had been able to fulfill this desire.

From he also worked nearby in a provisional studio at Skeppsholmen, painting nude or semi-nude young men performing aerobics, training with weights. Contemporary reviewers wrote: Jansson's new subject matter reveals the new vitalist philosophy: A German-Scandinavian movement incorporating Nietzsche's philosophy and the biological theories of Hans Driesch and Ernst Haeckel. When one takes so many liberties even in Scandinavia we did not need to wait long before homophobic repercussionsions kicked in.

And then of the worst kind: from within the organised artworkers community. He was kicked out. This in turn angered some of the most respected scandinavian artists so much that in solidarity they also began to paint male nudes. Acke below , a great admirer led the support campaign.

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But also Edvard Munch right, known from the world famous "scream" took part. It became a link between nineteenth century Symbolism and twentieth century Modernism.

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  • The critic Axel Gauffin emphasised that Jansson's figure paintings ought not to be conceived as portrayals of reality: We should not expect of these nudes, he insisted, an academic study with a traditional treatment of the skin, any more than we should of the impalpable, attractive colour play of the expressionists. What Jansson is seeking is the opposite, he is seeking nerves and muscles under the surface of a living ecorche.

    Let's return to the streets of Paris. In fact this could be any of the metropoles of Europe. During the years between the wars, many ways were sought and found to exchange thoughts and fantasies about homo erotic feelings.

    You felt it looming over us on these pages,. Historic themes were popular as argument that gay sex was of all times. Cocteau, hero of mine with a page of his own in the masterclass did lead a double life. Being highly respected in theater, music and dance circles, he could not get off on the idea of impresionistic, cubistic, square-peg kind of dicks, so he started private fantasy works. All of the images he's famous for now were only shown to friends and kept safely in his 'Livre Blanc'. Most were not published till after his death. An heroic man who could not care less about what people thought of him, and thus ended up in jail lots of time, must be recorded here as the first person to produce a homo porn film, "chant d'amour' and numerous books, of which Querelle made it into the landmark movie by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, in which the lead, played by the gorgeous Brad Davies, drawn on the image to the right here, got fucked in the ass, and subsequently was one of the earlier aids victims, so we can assume what we saw on screen was not acting, but the real thing.

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    The BFI film cover below links to the full uncensored film:. Over in the US many artists kept their sexual preferences to themselves, even if it was 'only just' as in the case of Leyendecker.

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    • In the always more tolerant New York City 3 artists got together and crossed that line. Genet captures thought, feeling and sense with abstract images which never boggle or ooze intellect. Kenneth Anger b. The poetic imagery and visual force of his films were influential on both the American and international avant-garde movements and mainstream directors such as Scorsese, Lynch and Fassbinder.

      Like his directorial debut, Fireworks, Scorpio Rising, Eaux D'Artifice or any of his other films, Anger himself, in-the-flesh, is a definite must-see. Just as with jean Cocteau, Pavel Tchelitchev has a very elemetary style of drawing when it comes to his erotic work. We do not see it back in his official oevre of which a sample is below. Isn't it also pretty remarkable that image below looks like a modern day skinhead with a nice jacket.


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      Well, its 60 years old. If anybody can help me along with this project, in getting details corrected or adding significant bits that are missing thusfar, anybody? They serve up lots of resources and hundreds of hours of studymaterial. The Community of the Special is founded by Benedict Freidlander as a more cultured approach to the homosexual struggle. Its publication Der Eigene The Special is concerned with art and masculine culture.

      Paul Burger Diether, the contact person for the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, in Stockholm, announces a lecture on homosexuality, which is suppressed by the authorities. Six military officers commit suicide after being blackmailed. In the previous three years some 20 military officers are court martialed for homosexual offenses, including Lt General Wilhelm Count von Hohenau, a relative of the Kaiser. Freidrich Heinrich, the Prince of Prussia declines his investiture as Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of St John, explaining that his homosexual orientation made him unsuitable for the post.

      The Moltke-Eulenberg scandal begins to unfold. Prince Eulenberg's circle included Gen. On April 27, the journalist Maximilian Harden publicly reveals Eulenberg's homosexuality, and suggests he have the decency to follow the example of Prince Freidrich Heinrich and go into exile.

      May 2. The Kaiser is made aware of the growing scandal and is given a list of 15 suspected homosexuals among his acquaintances. The Kaiser demands that Hohenau, Lynar and Moltke resign their commissions, and that Eulenberg either clear himself or go into exile. The district attorney of his home district clears Eulenberg of violating Paragraph of the penal code.

      August Bebel, the leader of the German Social Democrats speaks for the second time in the Reichstag for the repeal of Paragraph October, The opening of a libel suit by Moltke against Harden.

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      The trial confirms Moltke's homosexuality, and Harden is acquitted of libel.